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Success is based on ideals, on values, that need to be nurtured, cultivated and refined. Ideals serve as a measure, a planning aid,
a driving force and a wellspring of ideas. They are a milestone on the path to reaching goals and, at the same time, they provide food for thought along the way. We fill our values and ideals with new life everyday, and while doing so, we interact with those who think like we do, with those who are like us:
authentic, fresh, personal, experienced, dedicated, distinguished.


« I define myself in terms of
the things I like to do and of the people
with whom I like to be together. »

Claudia Fritsche

Ambassador of the Principality of
Liechtenstein to the United States of America



« I need to be surrounded by intellectual freshness, new thoughts and ideas, as well as people who are open to these things. »

Hans-Peter Hussong

Proprietor and Chef de Cuisine of the
Wiesengrund Restaurant (2 Michelin stars)



« Each person is responsible for him or herself, for his or her life and for his or her deeds. »

Fred Mayer

Story-teller with the camera
and publisher of several photography books



« Many experiences are important. But one lesson that goes really deep is always to get back on your feet after you've fallen down. »

Daniel Hasler

Professional footballer at FC Vaduz
and member of the Liechtenstein national team



« I stood up for womens´ rights and fought
for a range of laws against discrimination
and for equality. »

Evelyne Bermann

Designer and artist



« I listen to my customers.
And I listen very, very carefully. »

Manu Melwani

Famous tailor and proprietor
of Sam's Tailors in Hong Kong

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